7 Ways To Repair A Roller Shutter In London

Roller Shutter Repair

Sometimes the roller shutter grabs you unexpected and always at the wrong time. For instance, what if your day starts with a mishap or you spend your night in fear of privacy. This is a matter of concern for you because that makes you so uneasy regarding your privacy. To dig out from this hole you need a good partner to repair the roller shutter. The Roller shutter also works for you as a security system due to the impenetrable exterior. Any small problem in your roller shutter directly threatens your security. As the roller shutter consists of many complicated parts so there may be several reasons for jamming the roller shutter. In this blog, there are some reasons for clinging roller shutters are mentioned along with the solution of repair roller shutters.  

1. Fix The Broken Electricity Of The Roller Shutter

If your roller shutter becomes stuck firstly check the battery of your remote because sometimes your remote’s batteries may be dead and your roller shutter gets jammed. To fix this simply change the batteries and then check your remote’s working on your shutter.

2. Change The Jammed Roller Shutter Component

If you have a mechanical roller shutter instead of an electric roller shutter and after changing the batteries of the roller shutter’s remote your shutter is still stuck. Then probably the problem would be in the mechanical shutters component. To fix this problem spray the roller shutter component with lubricant WD-40. This lubricant opens up your component’s mechanism and helps it to move smoothly.  

3. Repair Your Broken Slat

Sometimes your roller shutter stops working due to uneven or broken slats. To fix this problem simply change the slat of your roller shutter. Usually, slats are connected with each other through the clip. To replace the slats simply unclip the slats and remove them with the new one. But before buying the new one ensure that the newest has the same specifications as the previous one. It would be better if you purchase the new slat directly from the manufacturer. Buying the slats with the manufacturer not only helps you to get the right product but also the manufacturer guides you on how to reattach the new one. The best way is to simply hire a professional to change the slat and avoid any further mess. The professional will know which model of slat would be appropriate for your system and how to reattach the new one.  

4. Replace The Chain Of The Stuck Roller Shutter

The dysfunction of the chain is also a reason for jamming the roller shutter. Two reasons for the dysfunction of the chain one is the damage to the chain and the other is rust accumulated on the chain due to old age. If the chain is damaged, then fix it simply change the chain by open the top of the roller shutter and replacing the chain with the new chain, which is best to get it by the manufacturer. And if your chain is rusted then clean it and lubricate it with the WD-40.

5. Fault In Proximity Sensor

Once in a while, your roller shutter stuck the halfway through rolling time. This may be due to a fault in proximity sensors. These proximity sensors require regular cleaning and greasing. If the regular cleaning does not provide to them then dirt and contamination stick on the sensors and cause to jam the roller shutter the halfway. So, to avoid this issue do clean and grease the sensors regularly.

6. Fix The Motor Dysfunctional

In the majority of roller shutter jamming cases, mostly the motor is a trouble-making component of the roller shutter. The motor is the main part of the shutter that’s a reason for going up and down the shutter. So, if your shutter is stuck midway then after checking the condition of the sensors, examine the motor. Most probably after the sensor, the other reason for sticking the roller shutter is the fault in the motor.

7. Replacing The Rubber Cord

The rubber strip is placed at the bottom of the sensor due to wear and tear and it affected the stiffness of the roller shutter off and on. Due to a reduction in the stiffness when the shutter goes down it gets a stick and when it goes up it rolls smoothly. To fix this issue simply open the machinery box of the shutter take out the used rubber strips from the bottom of the sensor and replace it with the newest.


A Roller shutter is not a security product but it provides significant security to its user. It protects the house from rain, sunlight, UV light, wind, noise, and debris. Also, it is a source of privacy for the people that installed it on their premises. Many roller shutter repair companies are working in London that is offering a wide range of roller shutter repair services. If you need any service regarding the roller shutter repairing in London you just have to approach a good roller shutter repairing agency. Nowadays, to ease their customers roller shutter repairing agencies are also providing emergency roller shutter repair services. 

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