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What Is A Punched Hole Roller Shutter? 

Because of the rectangular punched holes visible in the roller shutter curtain, punched roller shutter get their name. Depending on personal preferences, the holes can be stack regularly (one on top of the other) or in a “Brick Bond Style,” allowing for ventilation and/or view. A large selection of punch security shutters made of steel or aluminum are available from Barking Shutter. Depending on your needs, you may also mix the punched lath with solid lath to produce different levels of visibility and security.

Our aluminum versions may be make with Perspex to increase safety and reduce the possibility of hands becoming stuck in the punches. Brick bond and in-line are the two forms of punched hole shutters in London that are offer. As the name implies, the holes in a brick bond pattern are punch to mimic brickwork. The holes are punched “in-line” when they are. This is OK if you do not want the entire shutter to be punched. We may make it such that only a portion of the shutter has holes and that the remaining portion is constructed of solid lath.  

Punch Roller Shutters For Excellent Branding & Visibility:

Roller shutters have a different role in the security and professional image of the company. We provide a variety of roller shutter with holes punched in options that can both protect and beautify any sort of business. There are several varieties of roller shutters, such as punched, perforated, electric, and solid varieties.  

Selecting the best roller shutter for the location is crucial, depending on the needs of the area and the owner’s goals. The professionals at Barking Shutter can help you select the best shutter for maximum security. Our team of professionals will assist you in designing an installation that both meets your needs and your budget.

What Kinds of Shutters with Punched Holes Are Available? 

Although our staff will collaborate with you to develop shutters that precisely match your needs, there are a few important considerations about the appearance and operation of the many kinds of punched hole roller shutters. Brick bond roller shutters are designed to resemble traditional brick walls, with holes punched in the form of running bond bricks. Each punch hole shutter is therefore horizontally offset from the holes immediately above and below it.

The holes of inline shutters are punched in straight lines, either vertically or horizontally, to match the other holes. Punched and glazed shutters have a solid base portion and an upper section with either an inline punched hole shutter or a brick bond roller shutter. This leaves the most amount of your land covered yet allows for openness and eye-level visibility. 

What Makes Roller Shutters Perforated or Punched?

A perforated roller shutters London is the only option if you’re looking for an affordable security, visibility, and air flow roller shutter. The majority of our steel and aluminum profiles, including some of the high security alternatives, are available in variants as our punched and perforated shutters. This indicates that they are a flexible choice for a variety of locations, such as parking lots and retail stores. We can create something that will satisfy your demands based on whether visibility or air flow are your top concerns. If a shutter can be perforate, it can also be punch. 

How Do Punched and Perforated Shutters Operate?

Roller shutters with perforations and punches are make from single-skin Aluminum or steel profiles, in which the lath is pass through a punching or perforating machine prior to being roll into its profile. There are several alternatives available for punching and perforation, so stylistic choices may be make. The quantity of light, visibility, and airflow that may pass through can vary depending on the size of the punching and perforation. 

What Are Punched Roller Shutters’ Primary Advantages? 

Like many other company owners, you are currently considering whether or not to purchase punched roller shutters. Well, we heartily endorse it. However, rather than merely asserting it, we will undoubtedly provide you with some solid arguments. Check out the following justifications for making the buy. 

Enjoy Every Bit Of The Natural Light:

Our pierced roller shutters allow ample light to penetrate in addition to being available in a variety of sizes and designs. The purpose of the perforations between the layers of cloth is to allow light to pass through and provide visibility. This is similar to a reasonably priced ticket that includes security to the lively showroom. In addition, our designs are resistant to corrosion and have a long lifespan. Customers feel more at ease and cozy at your establishment when there is adequate natural light present. In this way, you may instantly enhance your store’s design and security.  


You can’t try to increase sales in your company while covering all of your property. Having your store cover at all times deters people from entering your space. Hence, installing punched roller shutters on your property is the finest thing you can do to increase sales and brand recognition.  

Since solid roller shutters are completely opaque, you are unable to see anything within your building. Punched roller shutters, on the other hand, contain tiny openings that allow light to pass through. These roller shutters enable you to showcase goods without sacrificing their quality. 

Roller Shutters with Punctures from Barking Shutter:

For more than 10 years, Barking Shutter has offered some of the largest brands on the high street safe, excellent storefront solutions. We understand that you want to know that your shop is safe when it’s close for insurance purposes. Legal compliance, and peace of mind. Our punched roller shutters are long-lasting and design to be use continuously. 

Because of our UK Fabrication and production processes, we are certified to adhere to British Standards and offer some of the shortest turnaround times available. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about how punched roller shutters can be the best option for your company.

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