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Glass Shopfronts in London

Shopfronts are the most functional components of the property because they make room for daylight management and air circulation. These have a huge impact on comfort and life; that’s why choosing them becomes crucial. In recent years, aluminum has emerged as one of the most popular materials for shopfronts. Property owners from all fields of life have started to choose aluminum shopfronts in London due to their sleek and delicate design, high durability, and low maintenance.

Let’s find out some more details about aluminum materials.

Strongest Material

One of the best characteristics of aluminum material is that it is a strong metal. Aluminium has a high strength-to-weight ratio, which makes it difficult to make a dent in it. It is also a low-density material, so strong aluminum frames can hold huge glass panes. Furthermore, these aluminum shop fronts come with locking mechanisms, which makes them highly resistant to external attacks.

Easy to Maintain

Aluminum shopfronts are practically maintenance-free. To maintain these shopfronts, one just has to do a routine wipe with a clean cloth dipped in a cleaning agent, and that’s it. The aluminum shopfronts will look as good as new.


With the emergence of thermal break technology, the aluminum shopfront has become exceptional at offering insulation. When aluminum frames are paired with energy-efficient glass, they can allow or restrict heat transfer more easily. By performing this crucial function, aluminum shop fronts let the users enjoy optimal indoor temperatures throughout the year, lowering the need for artificial heating or cooling systems.

Highly Resistant

Aluminum material is highly resistant to corrosion and does not easily rust. Aluminum shopfronts are also weather-resistant and can easily stand against harsh weather conditions. Moreover, these shopfronts can retain their qualities and aesthetics throughout their lifetime. They do not get discolored, nor do they wrap, and we guarantee you a good return on investment.

Different Types of Aluminium Shop Fronts

One of the greatest advantages of investing in aluminum shopfronts is that there is a wide range of design options to choose from. Whether to incorporate them in the business building or want to give the business property a modern look, aluminum shop fronts are an ideal choice for any kind of interior décor.

Here is the list of the most popular aluminum shop front designs available on the market.

Regular Framed Shopfronts

These are conventional shopfronts with aluminum frames that provide hefty and low-cost solutions for commercial spaces. They are made with aluminum frames, forming a design structure with glazed panels fitted within them.

Unframed Glass Shopfronts

These aluminum shopfronts use minimal or invisible aluminum frames, giving them a sleek and modern appearance. These types of aluminum shopfronts provide maximum glass visibility. Moreover, they are best for creating a modern and minimalist aesthetic and allow plenty of natural light and clear views.

Sliding Shopfronts

These types of aluminum shopfronts are made up of sliding doors that can be manually or automatically operated. Moreover, these shopfronts offer convenient access to the commercial space. These shopfronts are best suitable for those areas that have limited space or where a broadened opening is required.

Two-Fold Shopfronts

These shopfronts are made up of various panels that fold in a melodeon style, offering a broad opening for easy access and maximum airflow. Two-fold shopfronts are best suited for creating an easy transition between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Curved Aluminium Shopfronts

These shopfronts consist of curved aluminum profiles and create a unique and eye-catching shopfront. These shopfronts provide an up-to-date and distinctive appearance and allow businesses to make an outstanding visual statement.

Automatic Shopfronts

Automatic shopfronts are motorized doors that can be controlled by sensors, remote controls, or an automation system. Automated shopfronts provide enhanced convenience, feasibility, and security. This makes them an ideal choice for high-traffic areas or businesses with particular security requirements.

Security Shopfronts

These shopfronts feature aluminum profiles and laminated or toughened glass. In addition to this, additional security systems can be installed with these shopfronts, such as anti-panic hardware, security glazing, or integrated security screens. These shopfronts are the best choice for those businesses that require a higher level of security.

Factors to Consider While Choosing Aluminium Shopfronts

When setting up a business, choosing an aluminum shopfront is a crucial aspect. The right choice of aluminum shopfronts can help generate more customers and brand recognition. However, there are many factors to consider when choosing the shopfront for the business to best represent it and attract customers.

One of the crucial factors is budget when choosing the aluminum shopfront. Every business wants high-end design, but reality sets in how much money it is willing to contribute to the shopfront. It is important to strike a balance between quality and budget when considering any shopfront design.

Moreover, investing in lighter light can bring more natural light and save on energy costs down the line. Also, a slim-line frame can provide extra space for promotional material rather than having to occupy walkways or other display spaces inside the premises. Additionally, creating larger windows allows for more natural light. It makes it easier to see products inside stores.

All these factors must be considered while choosing aluminum shopfronts, making sure that all features blend seamlessly together.


The aluminum shopfront in London offers durable and reliable protection for businesses, providing enhanced security, weather resistance, durability, and ease of operation. With their sturdy construction and versatile applications, these shopfronts are a great source for safeguarding commercial and industrial premises. There are many types of aluminum shopfronts available, and various factors have to be considered while choosing from them that we have mentioned.

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